‘This stillness is at the very ground of our being, a dynamic stillness, rich with an intelligence that breathes through us.’
Viola Sampson : Vital Signs – Psychological Responses to Ecological Crisis.

CPD:  Arts & the Wild / Sand Tray / Clay Play

Training days for counsellors and therapists. Experiential CPD day with the Arts and the Wild  Saturday 20th OctoberSand Tray CPD day Saturday 3 Nov 2018 Clay Play CPD day Saturday 17 November 2018 See CPD page for more info

Clay Field Therapy 

I have completed a recent training as Clay Field therapist. New to the UK, this sensorimotor based work originated in Germany with Heinz Deuser some forty years ago and is continually evolving. His colleague Cornelia Elbrecht experienced his very first work at the Clay Field and now, living in Australia, has evolved a sensorimotor / clay field  theory and is delivering the training in English internationally. The initial, ‘working with adults’ part of the first UK training has just taken place.
If anyone is interested to experience working at the Clay Field, I am offering sessions October and November 2018. Possibly one or more sessions, depending how the work develops. Please contact me to discuss. (This is purely experiential. The training for Clay Field work is intensive and needs to be with Cornelia directly.)  For more on Clay Field therapy see a video on Cornelia’s website http://www.sensorimotorarttherapy.com and on same website, under ‘About’ is written more detail of the work.

eARTh Days for everyone 

Wild TimeCome to eARTh in the beautiful two acre garden at our home, with orchard, pond, and ‘peace corner’,  together with sandlings and beach local walks. Encourage connection with the ‘wild within’ as well as the outside wild of trees, birds, plants, insects and the elements.
GardenRetreat space: for a day/w.e / longer.  Retreat time, mainly just to be, be still, quiet, rest. Activities can be offered to assist, arts, basic relaxation, ways to be outside. All take place in the beautiful two acre garden, large studio and house – an oasis of  possibility.
Wild Time and Garden Retreat Days/w.e are for 2-5 people by arrangement. Fee  depends on how long / how much input you would like from me. Between £15 for a half day using the space mainly on your own, to £65 full day and full facilitation. Overnight stays extra, by arrangement – from ‘bring your own bedding and food’  to b&b / full board. 
Group Facilitation : Small or larger groups facilitated, many  possibilities available. At your own venue, in the garden/studio, or elsewhere.
Individual Therapy/Counselling : I no longer work with  individuals as a long term therapist/counsellor. I am offering one or more Clay Field sessions this Oct/Nov and probably again for two months early 2019. 
For more details of any of the above please contact me