CPD and Professional Support using the Arts.



Creativity for Counsellors 

Sand Tray 

Clay Play 

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CREATIVITY for Counsellors.

Day / w.e  – exploring creativity in the counselling setting and how nurturing it can be to sustain our own creativity. No need to be ‘good’ at ‘art’! Only a wish to explore materials for yourself, to rest, relax and have fun as well as be contained in your own natural creativity, it is in us all if we give it a little space and encouragement. Contact me if you / several of you are interested. Fee £65 day includes hot drinks, soup and materials. Bring own sandwich/bread/salad etc.
SAND TRAY training Days
SAND TRAY  training Day – An opportunity to experience using sand-tray with an introduction in ways to facilitate sand tray in the counselling setting.  10 – 4pm.  Fee £65 includes drinks and hot soup. Bring own bread/sandwich/salad etc. Next Sand Tray dates : Saturday 2oth January 2018 (five places), Saturday 17 March 2018 (five places). SAND TRAY W/E : Dates can be arranged if you have 3-5 people interested. Working with sand tray in depth and with opportunity to work with own sand tray and facilitate others. SAND TRAY ONGOING PRACTISE group, arranged if 3-5 people are interested to meet up for a series of between 3-6 monthly half day (3 hour) practise sessions (dates TBA). Fee per 3 sessions £75, per 6 sessions £120. For those with at least basic training and some experience in using sand tray. 

CLAY PLAY Day / w.e

Clay Play days to explore expressive use of clay for both personal and professional development with ideas of how to use clay in counselling/therapy/group work.  In the pottery studio and house. By arrangement for 3-5 people. 10-4pm. Fee £65 includes hot drinks and soup, bring own bread/sandwich/salad etc. Next Clay Play dates :  Wednesday 29th November 2017 (one place remaining). Saturday 3rd February 2018 (five places)



Six sessions which begin with lunch and move into time to work on personal and professional issues with opportunity to use the arts and the outdoors, garden or local area. Work develops from within the group. These groups have a very special quality which evolves as the group progresses. 12 noon – 4 pm   Fee  for 6 sessions £300 includes hot drinks and soup, bring own sandwich/bread/salad etc. Days take place in my home with wood stove, large garden & pottery studio near Aldeburgh. If you/ several of you, are interested to be part of a group please contact me, dates can be arranged.

To book/more details for all CPD days and Groups please contact 

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