eARTh Days

For Enjoyment and Relaxation , come to eARTh in our welcoming home with lovely garden, carpeted garden/spiritual practice  room and small art space. 

 eARTh Days for everyone 

Retreat, Relaxation & Recuperation 

Gentle restorative days with basic breathing, meditation, stretching, music, relaxation & individual Reiki sessions if wanted.  Easy atmosphere, choice at all times. By arrangement for 2-5 people. £65 day includes hot drinks and soup. bring your own bread/sandwich/salad.  

Wild Time : Come to eARTh in the beautiful two acre garden at our home, with orchard, pond, and ‘peace corner’,  together with sandlings and beach local walks. Encourage connection with the ‘wild within’ as well as the outside wild of trees, birds, plants, insects and the elements.
Garden : Retreat space: for a day/w.e / longer.  Retreat time, mainly just to be, be still, quiet, rest. Activities can be offered to assist, arts, basic relaxation, ways to be outside. All take place in the beautiful two acre garden, small art room and house – an oasis of  possibility.
Wild Time and  Retreat Days/w.e are for 2-5 people by arrangement. Fee  depends on how long / how much input you would like from me. Between £15 for a half day using the space mainly on your own, to £65 full day and full facilitation. Overnight stays extra, by arrangement – from ‘bring your own bedding and food’  to b&b / full board. 

To book / discuss more details  please contact  me


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