Arts Groups

Arts for Support and Personal Development

The arts can offer alternative, powerful means of discovery and they are available to everyone, no matter what degree of artistic ability.

The versatility of the arts means they can be used for all manner of groups for  a variety of needs. Whether special needs, specific issues, particular age range  – there will be something suitable for your group. Please contact me to discuss possibilities. Groups are fun and interesting as well as effective ways to express and explore.

Arts available

– Sand tray & miniature toys. Natural materials. Clay.
– Paint & drawing. Collage.
– Percussive  instruments. Recorded music. Voice. Puppets. Masks.
– Enactment. Visualisation. Body work, gesture, movement, dance.
– Metaphor, imagery, dreams. Visualisation.
– Imagination. Rehearsal of the Possible.
– Story. Poetry. Writing.


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